Even with only 140+ slot games, DoubleU Casino's marketing materials claim that it is superior to any real casino. While that might be a stretch, it is undeniable that DoubleU, a South Korean company, has developed a program that can compete with casinos everywhere.

DoubleU Details

Established 2012
Games 400

DoubleU Review

At the DoubleU online casino, players engage in virtual gaming. This casino offers generous welcome bonuses and immediately captivates players due to the virtual nature of gambling and the simplicity with which it can be accessed via Facebook. When the user logs into Facebook, his or her friends are displayed and a way is provided for them to play with one another without receiving cashback, according to DoubleU Casino review.


One million coins are available as a welcome bonus when you log in for the first time. It’s simpler than you might think to use up all of these coins because there are no limits on the size of bets. Your bankroll size is the only factor that could prevent you from playing.

Topping off your bankroll at DoubleU is much less expensive than at other social casinos because $39 can purchase over 27 million coins. Additionally, the casino frequently runs promotions, such as coupons for 40% off, making your top-ups even more affordable.


Double U offers more than 400 exciting games in its online and mobile casinos. This casino offers a sizable selection of variously categorized slot games. You can play numerous roulette games, different blackjack, baccarat, poker, keno, and scratch card games, as well as many others.

You have the choice of downloading the game to play or using the flash version for instant play. It is true that all other online casinos offer the same feature; it is not a new one.

Payment & Withdrawal

This online community was made by DoubleU Casino specifically for gaming purposes and not as a way for users to make money. Therefore, you can only fund your accounts on social media sites like Facebook in order to buy in-game coins.


All you need to start playing at DoubleU Casino is a Facebook account or a smartphone. Then, you can easily download it to any Apple, Windows, or Android device. After that, you can access the important application to begin playing right away, regardless of its sources like Facebook or by using the app store. To enable cross-play with your mobile device or play on a work area, you will need a Facebook account.

As a result, you are unable to create a record using an email address, which seems to be somewhat embarrassing for the application’s creators. If you decide to purchase any extra coins, you can do so through Facebook or in-app purchases. The entirety of the safety measures employed by the pertinent or concerned organizations ensures you.


Customer Support

Customers who are willing to wait for responses can contact support via email. Additionally, Facebook or the developer’s contact information on this social media platform can be used to get support, because it doesn’t provide real money gaming, DoubleU lacks a state license in terms of security. However, keep in mind the requirement to protect the gamblers’ private information.

Mobile Compatibility

All users of iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle devices can access DoubleU Casino. The incredible graphics and small screen features demonstrate how hard this casino has worked to accommodate users of all mobile devices. It offers more than 100 games and is of high quality.



Due to its virtual nature, DoubleU Casino is unlike other online casinos. Players must acknowledge that there are no financial advantages other than access to a casino where they can try their luck and pick up more gambling knowledge. Additionally, it provides a way to play with friends while staying in the comfort of your own home.

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